Azealia Banks - ATM Jam feat. Pharrell (Kaytranda Edition)

Nothing to see here. Just a shoe that ties it’s own laces for you. The Powerlace.

The latest wearable technology comes in the shape of a trainer, following on from the NIKE self-tying shoe, is the Powerlace – an auto-lacing trainer that tightens your laces as soon as you step into it. How does it work? Well as soon as you step into the Powerlace trainer, your heel presses down on a lever in the sole, providing just the right amount of tension to pull on the shoe’s wire laces. To untie, another lever on the outer heel of the shoe releases the tension and allows you to step out of the shoe. Is this brilliant or are we all slowly becoming robotised and digitalised and, well, just lazy??!!….

Alasdhair Willis. Hunter Creative Director. Creative Director of a fine beard also…

Alasdhair Willis who i have written about here in the past is what is called a creative. He works for brands in creating concepts and content for ads. Amongst the many successful brand projects he has undertaken and overseen are adidas, Dunhill and most recently Hunter, as they transcend from wellington boots to outerwear and accessories. He has also worked closely in positioning David Beckham with many of the brands he has worked with in the past. That beard is a triumph.

Get on this longline shirt sh*t I tell ye….. From @ASOS by Daniel Van Der Noon.

Im on top of this for ye. Longline (oversized) shirts. Get on them. This one from ASOS is a winner as it’s black and subtle and won’t get you slagged as easily for wearing a dress as is bound to happen thanks to some neanderthals with no taste. Rest assured you will look good though and slagging is the ultimate endorsement. Buy yours here.