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My Sporting Hero: Exclusive extract from my autobiography In My Own Words. On sale tomorrow


Meanwhile, back at the club, another journey was reaching a conclusion. We had been trying to win the intermediate championship for a few years, with some near misses and hard losses being our lot. When I started out in 1996 Finuge were a Novice team playing in Division 5. By the end of 2012 we were senior and playing in Division 1. Getting there wasn’t easy. A lost final here, a lost semi-final there, we kept on keeping on until we got there in October 2012, winning the county inter- mediate championship against Spa after a replay, Éamonn kicking the equalizer in the last minute of the drawn game. He had a habit of doing that. He had a fantastic mentality as a player. We won the replay well. It was at the end of this club journey, February 2013, after the All Ireland club final, that I began to think about another season at inter-county level. Jack retired from the senior job and Éamonn became the manager. The thought of playing for Éamonn, winning another All Ireland together, was too great to turn down while I still had life in me, while the players I knew and trusted so much – Gooch, Marc, Declan, Tomás, Star, Mahony – had life in them. We went at it again. I’m glad I did now.


Kerry’s struggles at the start of Éamonn’s reign were a test for him. The Crokes players were out of contention. Our intermediate win with Finuge saw us progress to win Munster and contest an All Ireland club final in mid-February, ruling me out of action for the opening games. The club campaign took a bit out of me. I was running on empty mentally and physically. My enthusiasm was low. Lower than the spitting I encountered along the way. I remained phlegmatic in the face of it. Natural enthusiasm is the best form of fitness there is. I learnt that from my dog, Boo. He is irresistible. If I puck a ball one hundred times he will chase the one-hundredth ball with the very same enthusiasm as the first. I pucked a ball down the green from my front door one day. He had to cross the road to chase it. As he was crossing I saw a van coming around the corner. It was on a collision course with him. He almost made it but the van clipped his back legs, sending him into what might be called in diving, a somersault twist. He landed on his back, before rebounding to his feet in one motion. The van stopped. Boo kept going like it never happened and returned the ball to my feet before the van moved. The driver apologized as he passed by. I apologized for Boo, who apologized for nothing, but kept his beady focus on the ball and waited for me to puck it again. What a warrior. Boo is definitely my sporting hero.

Are they wellingtons or trainers? The new Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are made of rubber.

Converse have you covered for the cold Irish winter with their latest Chuck Taylor collection made from hard-wearing rubber. Not only that but they have already been scuffed and muddied as a design feature so you can’t really do them any harm yourself once you buy them. The colour range in vibrant and the silhouette has altered slightly from the regular Chuck Taylor silhouette but still they’re an interesting concept combining versatility, durability and street style. The red ones remind me of the Air Yeezy. Was this the inspiration behind the collection? Who knows? Available from Office very soon. rubber_chuck_billboard_Hover

What makes a hero? Girls, have you met the Everyday Hero from @LennonCourtney. You must….

Since Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney’s fashion collaboration has moved from television to the design world Irish women have suddenly become way more stylish. Their Lennon Courtney line enters A/W 14 in great health. The idea of hero dresses inspired them for this fashion season. I’ve always been interested in the language of fashion. Brand names, the inspiration behind collections, how labels explore themes to name their collections, how certain items or pieces become almost like people, identified with, linked to, named after artists, writers, musicians, leaders, rebels, and revolutionaries. Brand affiliation seeks to create aspiration and admiration through association with cultural icons in varied fields, through individuals, through heroes. This may happen from collection to collection, season to season, and will change accordingly. A constant for brands however in creating aspiration and appeal is the need to project themselves in the best possible way day-to-day through the shop space, on line, in print, on marketing and promotional material, on any other output that seeks to place that brand where the decision makers want it to be seen and to live. This is done through word association. This aspect of brand marketing can be over looked in a world of algorithms, numbers, demographics, market research and the digital age. In essence, marketing and the values which place brands, boil down to simple words. The right words in the right place. They build memories and create that aspiration. Hero. Everyday Hero. What could be more aspirational or admirable than an everyday hero? Many women and mothers are the living embodiment of this conceptual expression. Heroism.
What makes a hero? Someone who is dependable, durable, remains true under pressure, is adaptable to change, shows class in every situation no matter how difficult. Meet the Everyday Hero dress. It’s like the best person you know.

Russell Westbrook Fashion All Star.

Russell Westbrook is the the king of NBA style. In a game where personal style counts for quite a lot off-court and where the top players all project their personal brands through fashion Westbrook has gone a step further and collaborated on a collection with premier high end retailers Barneys.  Westbrook XO will run for four seasons. Read Westbrook’s take on fashion, his inspirations for the collaboration and see his favourite pieces from the collection here.