Azealia Banks - ATM Jam feat. Pharrell (Kaytranda Edition)

Speaking of YOLO these Kid Cudi x Guiseppe Zanotti kicks are SOLO DOLO

By ‘SOLO DOLO’ I mean solo, on your own, and dolo, on the down low. These aren’t released yet hence they’re on the down low and clearly anyone who wears them will be hanging out on their own. So SOLO DOLO. KC has had a long time friendship with Guiseppe Zanotti and wears his shoes a lot on stage. You know that Cudi tune Solo Dolo right? Cudi is the ultimate loner. xqptj6bfxkasihdytwi9


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Hold up!! YOLO is now a word in the Oxford English Dictionary.

YOLO is not a word I, or anyone I know, uses. The heads over at Oxford feel it’s now relevant enough to be included in their dictionary. They’re obviously hanging around the office having a discussion about including it or not. “Should we put it in or not chaps? Yes or no? Ah sure fuck it we will. YOLO!!” And so they included it. Read what actually happened here.