Azealia Banks - ATM Jam feat. Pharrell (Kaytranda Edition)

You can buy Notorious B.I.G’s COOGI sweater. Like a pimp….

Australian golf/sportswear brand COOGI, much-loved and worn by the 90’s hip-hop scene, was known to few outside of Australian golf scene and the 90’s hip hop scene. Even then it wasn’t unti Biggie started wearing it that people really took notice. Etonic along with COOGI have re made the famous sweater. Go on and on and on and….. check this.

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Irish designer Rory Parnell Mooney has been added to the January MAN schedule.

Irish-born designer RPM is making moves. Educated in the London College of Fashion, he has steadily garnered attention from those who count in the fashion industry, notably the editors and tastemakers at GQ magazine. The MAN catwalk schedule, a shared venture between Fashion East and Topman, was added to the London Collections Men schedule, to promote and support up and coming designers, finically and otherwise. Showing at MAN is seen as definite progress in the right direction for young designers and has helped people like fellow Irish designer JW Anderson establish himself in the past. This could be the start of something big for RPM. His approach is highly tailored, if a little wild and boundary stretching in places. Shirting and big silhouettes plays a big part in his collections.
See more of his work on his website below. Sebastiaan-Pieter-Groenen-1-490x405d6ca08decb13d98f44d6e7b7d5003736

Fancy a spin in the Audi A9 Concept Prologue? It’s on another level @AudiCork

The Audi A9 Concept Prologue was unveiled, (as i posted in real-time) at The LA Auto Show earlier his month. The exterior was impressive. The interior is even more so. The LED dashboard display and Personal Assist alone makes this car exceptional. The progressions made in terms of sat-nav are also impressive and add to the growing sense that Audi are set on redefining the driving experience and creating a new, futuristic, almost space travel-like experience. Sit in and see for yourself.