Azealia Banks - ATM Jam feat. Pharrell (Kaytranda Edition)

Ooh-la-Lea ….. Meet the new Bond girl…..

The new James Bond film, which is currently without a name, is set to start shooting by the end of the year and is expected to hit theatres by November 2015.The good news is French actress Léa Seydoux has been named as the girl in what is the 24th Bond movie.
Seydoux who starred in Blue Is The Warmest Colour has modelled for numerous magazines and brands like Prada and Rag & Bone. She also featured in editorials for Vogue Paris, American Vogue and W magazine.




Harmony Paris. Good suits and adidas Originals….


Parisian designer David Obadia, came through with more French good-good from his new brand Harmony Paris. Obadia hit the nail right on the head and embodied Parisian culture in this collection; it’s elegant yet minimal, dressy yet nonchalant, and, most importantly, it will make you look like a cool cat.

Oh, and they made some awesome gear for your girlfriend, too. Grab your lady a little something from Harmony Paris to show her you know a thing or two about French fashion.

Check out This promotional video made for the Autumn/Winter collection, debuting the ‘Definition’ line. The film depicts two Royal Swedish Ballet performers dancing in a Paris studio while decked out in the season’s best looks.

harmony logo


My five favourite people come together. ACF x The Kooples.

Let us all look beyond the fact that a fashion collection can now be just two items and celebrate the fact that five of my favourite koople, I mean people, have come together to make some product. If you have followed my blog since its inception you will know that the guys at Art Comes First, Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, and the Elicha brothers at French tailoring label The Kooples, have come together to create a hat collection. A fedora collection in fact. Well, two fedoras in fact.  Now I don’t wear hats. And I don’t think two hats can be called a collection, but goddammit I don’t care. It’s Art Comes First. And it’s The Kooples. So I love it. kooples-acf-hat-2014-04kooples-acf-hat-2014-02

Is there an Audi A9 on the way @AudiCork? This concept car can repair itself and change colour.

Online reports say that the big reveal for the new Audi A9 concept car will happen next month, November, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Check out some of these images and conceptual designs by Spanish designer Daniel Garcia. Reports say it will be able to repair itself and change colour!! The concept car will serve as a preview for a range-topping Audi A9 which is rumoured to be set for release in 2017. Class. 2dcc15847cfa669be509eac4e1e6b7c63c0a461080a62c91973164d829af748a6613e4e8ec643c04c5d5ff9439fd61104086cf43336c54887c14df0662b9fe37